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City Hunter Collaboration Model Tanaka Works COLT Python 4-inch Ryo Saeba Model Gas Airsoft

City Hunter Collaboration Model Tanaka Works COLT Python 4-inch Ryo Saeba Model Gas Airsoft

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City Hunter Official Collaboration
Colt Python "Ryo Saeba" model
A miraculous collaboration between the popular manga "City Hunter" and the toy gun manufacturer "Tanaka Works" has been realized.
The main character, Saeba? (This model is based on the "Colt Python 4inch R-model Heavyweight (*2) Gas Gun" equipped with our specialty "Pegasus System" (*1).

The "City Hunter" is generally associated with the "Colt Python," but this is the first time that the Colt Python has been modeled as an official model.
The author, Mr. Tsukasa Hojo, and the staff of Tanaka Works, who are fans of the original work, discussed every detail, and a model with a lot of attention to detail was born.

In order to reproduce the custom-made Python that can be fitted with the "silencer" (*3) used frequently in the manga, emphasis was placed on the "original manga" in the modeling.

In fact, the ? s Python has a threaded slot in the muzzle to allow the installation of a screw-in silencer.
In real guns, it is not very useful to install a silencer on a revolver (revolving pistol) except for revolvers with a special construction, and it does not actually have a silencing effect.
The author pointed this out and Tanaka Works also understands this, but we dared to model a silencer model in order to reproduce the "realism in that world view" of the work "City Hunter" in the 1980s, when information was limited.

The custom-made silencer that appeared in the original work was made exclusively for the Python, which used 357 magnum bullets, and was printed with a minimum of information to prevent misuse.
In order to reproduce the silencer, Tanaka Works did not use a common sound deadening sheet, but instead installed a "drum baffle" originally developed by Tanaka Works from the viewpoint of acoustic engineering.
The sound muffling and the firing sound were also carefully considered, based on the image of the foam scene in the original work. Although this is not possible with a real gun, the outstanding quietness is a convincing model for use in Shinjuku, a busy downtown area where many shots are fired? The model has been finished as a convincing model for use by the ?

In the original story, ? s Python was tuned by legendary gunsmith Kenichiro Mashiba, and its performance was dramatically enhanced.
The setting of this Python, with "Mashiba's initials" newly drawn by Mr. Tsukasa Hojo and engraved on the frame, is custom-made based on a highly accurate 1969 model, and the serial number "E1919" (iii ikuiku) is the same number as the license plate of the car.

The serial number "E1919" (i.e., "iiiiikku") is the same as the car's license plate. s Python. We hope you will take it in your hand and deeply enjoy the world of City Hunter.
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