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Luger P08 6" Dummy Cart with Wooden Grip (Metal model gun, Completed)

Luger P08 6" Dummy Cart with Wooden Grip (Metal model gun, Completed)

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Product description
Product description
Unique toggle action. A 6-inch model that is the basic shape.
P08 6 inch dummy cart specification

●Since this is a model gun, it cannot fire BB bullets, etc.
●There are models equipped with wooden grips and models equipped with plastic grips.
Please refer to the bottom of the page for information on each part.
●What is Luger P08?
The official name of the Ruger handgun is the Parabellum Pistol. It means "prepare for battle" in Latin. Boasting excellent balance, beautiful form, and sufficient power as a military pistol, the Luger pistol has a unique operating mechanism called a toggle action. This operating system was developed in 1890 by Hugo Borchard of the DWM (German Weapons and Ammunition Manufactory), and was further improved by Georg Luger, who introduced it as the Luger P08 in 1900. Later, in 1902, the Luger pistol was upgraded from the previous 7.65 mm caliber to 9 mm, and was adopted by the militaries of various countries one after another, including Germany, and was used as the "conqueror of Europe" during World War I and World War II. His name became known all over the world.

Mechanism: dummy cartridge/single action
Gunpowder used: Not used
Number of bullets: 8 shots
Number of attached cartridges: 5 shots
Total length: 269mm
Weight: 892g

safety warning
●Please read the product manual carefully before handling. ●Be sure to check your surroundings when playing with air guns and model guns in areas where no people or cars are passing by. ●When carrying something shaped like a gun, please use a case or bag to avoid misunderstandings or fear. ●Do not let small children or people who do not know the manners touch it. ●Be sure to wear goggles as BB bullets will bounce back. ●Do not point or fire the gun at people or animals. ●Never look into the muzzle of the gun.
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