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MARUSHIN M49 W Deep Black ABS Wooden Grip Specs with Finger Channel Gas Revolver

MARUSHIN M49 W Deep Black ABS Wooden Grip Specs with Finger Channel Gas Revolver

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Product description
Product introduction
Marushin, 18+ X Cartridge 6mmBB Gas Gun.

*This airsoft gun is a competition gun for ages 18 and over. Please read [Handling Precautions/Instructions] carefully before use.
Be sure to wear shooting goggles. Be sure to follow the established rules and etiquette.

[About the wooden grip]
Due to the use of natural materials, there may be individual differences in color and shape. Thank you for your understanding.

*This product uses Freon gas, but it is not included in the packaged product.
*This product does not use gunpowder.
*This product does not contain gunpowder.
*This product does not use batteries.
*This product does not include batteries.
*This product does not use fuel.
*This product does not include fuel.
*This product does not include paint.
This product does not include RifleScope.
Even if this product includes cleaning rods, it does not contain any chemicals.

BB bullet diameter/caliber: 6mm, bullet kinetic energy: 0.98J or less.
Compliant with the All Japan Toy Gun Safety Association New Firearms and Swords Law.

safety warning
●Please read the product manual carefully before handling. ●Be sure to check your surroundings when playing with air guns and model guns in areas where there are no people or cars passing by. ●When carrying something shaped like a gun, please use a case or bag to avoid misunderstandings or fear. ●Do not let small children or people who do not know good manners touch it. ●Be sure to wear goggles as BB bullets will bounce back. ●Do not point or fire the gun at people or animals. ●Never look into the muzzle of the gun. BB bullets compatible with the main body: 6mm Bullet velocity of the main body: less than 0.98J *We will send you a new product, but please note that due to inspection, there may be cylinder rotation marks. Masu
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