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MARUSHIN M92FS Brigadier Matte Black ABS X-PFC 2024 Model Gun

MARUSHIN M92FS Brigadier Matte Black ABS X-PFC 2024 Model Gun

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M92F series model gun that swept the era, starting with its adoption by the U.S. military

The M92F series is a 9mm auto pistol made by Beretta of Italy, which became well-known as a U.S. military-authorized pistol.
The M92F series is characterized by its beautiful and flowing form with a large barrel exposed from the slide.
The M92F series was used in many action movies produced in the 80's and 90's, such as "Die Hard," "Lethal Weapon," and "The Last Airbender,
The M92F series is also highly known as the gun that played an active role in many screen heroes such as "Die Hard," "Lethal Weapon," and "Heir of the Steel Magnets.
The Brigadier is also a model that has had many faces over the years as it has been used by many military and law enforcement agencies.
The "Brigadier" model has a thicker slide for enhanced slide durability.

X-PFC" firing blowback model gun
The "X-Chamber Pin" controls combustion gas and improves operability and sound quality,
Blowback system with "X-PF cartridge" that features a beautiful aluminum texture and a "large-diameter plug X-PF cartridge" with improved ejection performance.

〜Product Details
Material] ABS + metal
Weight] 610g (without cart)
Cartridge】 5 9mm X-PF cartridges are included.
Number of bullets】 15 rounds
Type of explosive] Marushin P-F plug fire cap 7mm is used (sold separately).
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