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Marzen APS-1 Grandmaster Mk.3

Marzen APS-1 Grandmaster Mk.3

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The "APS-1 Grandmaster" has led the APS Cup scene since its release in 1995. The "APS-1 Grandmaster Mark 3" is a further evolution of the updated "Mark 2" model, which has been improved upon while maintaining its basic configuration! The "APS-1 Grandmaster Mark 3" is now available! In order to reduce stress during competitions, the mounted base magazine has been improved and the load capacity has been increased to 16 rounds. In addition, the trigger adjustment range has been expanded and the grip safety function has been eliminated for easier handling. A nickel-chrome plated inner barrel is built in, and the outer barrel and grips are finished in custom colors! The Mark 3 is equipped with a 16-round mounted base magazine ・Machined aluminum barrel bridge ・Easy maintenance function ・Enlarged trigger position adjustment range ・Omit grip safety function ・Electroless nickel chrome plated inner barrel with 6.12mm inner diameter ・Custom colors for the Mark 3 ■Age rating: 18 years old and up Age: 18 years old and up

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