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Marzen APS SR-2

Marzen APS SR-2

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The new SR-2 (Sport Rifle 2) is the first entry-level model in the APS series that maintains the reliability of the previous models and achieves an amazing cost performance. The body is made almost entirely of class fiber ABS, except for the aluminum outer barrel, for extremely high rigidity, and the firing mechanism, the key to the SR-2's success, combines the APS-3 chamber packing and APS sear system for the best grouping. The SR-2 is the smallest and lightest of the APS rifle series, weighing less than 2kg and less than 1m, and was designed with special attention to the center of gravity balance. We hope that first-time APS rifle users as well as APS players will enjoy using the SR-2 as a standard version of the APS rifle. 6mm BB bullet specifications: For ages 18 and up (ASGK safety standard approved product: 0.98 joule or less): Not available for purchase by those under 18 years of age.

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