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Marzen M870 Wood Stock Version Live Cart Shotgun

Marzen M870 Wood Stock Version Live Cart Shotgun

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Product Description
The "Marzen M870" is the gold standard of the live cart type gas shotgun that loads and discharges large caliber shells with realistic pump action.

This is the first time in about 10 months that the M870 has been reproduced!

This gas gun allows you to enjoy the realistic operation of loading and ejecting a large caliber shell by moving the forend back and forth just like the real gun.

Maruzen has brilliantly fed back the mechanism of the actual Remington M870 into an air sport gun, and this famous gun is still highly popular after a long time since its release.

The Remington M870 is a shotgun developed in the 1960s by Remington Arms, a major U.S. company in the rifle and shotgun categories.

It is a popular model for civilian hunting use in Japan, and its high reliability is demonstrated by the fact that it is used by many military and law enforcement agencies in various countries.

The shotshell is loaded and discharged with a pump action just like a real gun, and the power when it is moved is outstanding.

The stock and forend are wooden parts for the best atmosphere.

Like the real gun, up to four shotshells can be loaded in the magazine tube at the bottom of the barrel, and one more can be loaded in the chamber for a total of five shots. Each shell can fire 1-3 BB rounds simultaneously.

Gas charging is by a gas tank system that can be detached by pulling out the pad at the rear end of the stock, and it operates smoothly with less gas leakage and improved vaporization efficiency than earlier models.

Overall length: approx. 925 mm

Weight: approx. 2,550g

Number of ammunition: 4+1 shells

Accessories: 3 shotshells (green shells are included in this lot)
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