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Type 89 heavy grenade launcher One-off work

Type 89 heavy grenade launcher One-off work

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Mokey Paddock's original Type 89 grenade launcher. 
The actual Type 89 grenade launcher began development in 1922 (Taisho 11), a grenade launcher for sending hand grenades farther away.
It was formally adopted in 1932, and the Type 89 grenade launcher, which used a dedicated Type 89 grenade, had a maximum range of 670 meters and a killing range of 10 meters, which far increased its power and range compared to the older models.
Furthermore, it was a weapon that was widely used because of its high portability.
There is also a famous anecdote about an American soldier who misused this weapon and broke his leg when he fired it while it was on his leg.

This Type 89 grenade launcher is reproduced inexpensively using PVC pipe and other materials.
A 40mm gas cart is loaded inside the pipe, and the spring is pulled and locked with the trigger. When the trigger is pulled, the 40mm gas cart is fired.
The adjustment device that raises and lowers the tube and the dust cover are also reproduced (the adjustment device is not live and does not move), although they are simple.
The grenade launcher is inexpensive for use in survival games, and is therefore recommended for use in survival games.

Total length: approx. 640 mm
Weight: 1,030g
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