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Pre-Sale WA Hard Borer Terminator Model CBHW ver.

Pre-Sale WA Hard Borer Terminator Model CBHW ver.

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Overall length: approx. 267mm
Barrel length: approx. 138mm
Weight: approx. 940 g
Weight: approx. 940g ● Number of bullets: 21+1
Product code: WA-GMVD
Limited production
S.C.W. High Spec Custom ver.3 specification
Transfer hammer ver.3
New sear and disconnector
Precision 6.03mm fixed hop-up barrel
R-type magazine
Carbon black HW resin slide and frame
  Blasted and side polished finish (slide only)

The Terminator model, a masterpiece movie gun with an overwhelming presence that has swept the world, is now available in a new, proofed Magna Bros.
 The Terminator model is now available in a "I'll Be Back" version, featuring the proven magna-blowback action of the Terminator.

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