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Tanaka S&W M19 2.5inch Combat Magnum Heavyweight Version 3 Model Gun (Completed)

Tanaka S&W M19 2.5inch Combat Magnum Heavyweight Version 3 Model Gun (Completed)

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Product description
Product introduction
The so-called "Combat Magnum" appeared in the 1950s as a middle-sized gun that could fire the powerful 357 Magnum bullet.
With its short 2.5-inch barrel, this handsome snubby is described as ``a combat tool that fits in anyone's hands, is sturdy, reliable, and snub-nosed, yet highly accurate.''
It is said that the more you carry it with you every day, the more impressed, relieved, and captivated you become, and the more you become unable to part with it as your best companion.
There is no other gun that is so unanimously respected by the police officers who actually use it.

This model, which was sold as an ignition model gun in the past, has been renewed and re-released as an ignition model gun.
It has been reborn as the definitive version of the M19 model gun, including changes to the engraving, revised external shape, and reproduction of the ultra-smooth operating feel unique to SW.
Weight is also included in the grip, improving not only the weight but also the balance when holding.

M19 has many followers due to his absolute ability to perform tasks. Bill Jordan, who was involved in its creation, also said, ``Model 19 will do just fine.''

Total length: 202 mm.
Weight: 620g.
Capacity: 6 cartridges.
Main material: HW material.
Ignition type using 7mm cap gunpowder.

*This product uses gunpowder, but it is not included in the packaged product.
*Please be careful when handling gunpowder for model guns.
*Cannot fire bullets.
*Bullet as a projectile is not included.
*This product does not use chlorofluorocarbon gas.
*This product does not contain fluorocarbon gas.
*This product does not use batteries.
*This product does not include batteries.
*This product does not use fuel.
*This product does not include fuel.
*This product does not include paint.
*This product does not include RifleScope.
*Even if this product includes a cleaning rod, no chemicals are included.

safety warning
*Model guns are models that you can enjoy viewing, disassembling, and operating. Cannot fire bullets.
*For models that can use gunpowder, you can enjoy the firing sound and operation, but like the real thing, maintenance is required after use.
*The materials and manufacturing methods for model guns are restricted by the Firearms and Swords Act. Therefore, please be aware that there are limits to operating performance.
*Please be careful when handling gunpowder for model guns.
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