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Tokyo Marui G36C Plus Electric Gun Plus

Tokyo Marui G36C Plus Electric Gun Plus

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The ultimate CQB weapon adopted by the German military!

The G36C, the G36 series weapon customized for close combat, is now available in the G36 Plus series of electric guns!
The PLUS system (=FET circuit) provides high safety and improved trigger response when firing semi-auto. Based on the standard G36C model, the "G36C Plus" has been upgraded to a higher level of operability!

Equipped with FET compatible with MS and Li-Po batteries.
Front and rear sights are KAC's G36 type, which is coveted by many enthusiasts.
Cheek piece height can be adjusted to 4 different heights.
Improved trigger feeling
Standard 50-round magazine for both electric and standard G36C series guns.
The battery is a 2-way system that can be used with MS/Li-Po and Ni-MH batteries.
Standard type electric gun is used for the mecha-box.
PLUS System
The "PLUS System" is a safety system that detects abnormalities in various parts of the gun and stops operation.
Equipped with a motor brake for improved trigger response.

Type Electric gun
Target age 18 and up 6mmBB
Overall length 500mm/718mm (with stock extended)
Weight 2885g (including empty magazine and battery)
Load capacity 50 rounds
Battery and charger sold separately
8.4V NiMH 1300mAh mini S battery/charger 8.4V NiMH battery charger
MS Li-Po battery [standard type]/charger MS Li-Po safety charger

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