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Tokyo Marui G36K German Bundeswehr Assault Rifle Next Generation Electric Gun

Tokyo Marui G36K German Bundeswehr Assault Rifle Next Generation Electric Gun

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Product Description

Equipped with a shoot and recoil engine: Pulling the trigger activates the bolt at the same time as firing, and the powerful recoil generated inside the body is transmitted to the entire body.
Built-in microscope: A G36-specific 3x magnification microscope is mounted on the rear of the carrying handle. The microscope provides a clear field of view suitable for survival games and enables precise sighting. Folding stock: The stock, which can be folded to the side of the body, features the same locking mechanism as the real thing. The rear of the stock is equipped with a non-slip rubber buttplate to hold the body firmly in position.
Mounting rails are standard: Dot sights, fore-grips, and other options compatible with 20mm rails can be attached to the top of the carrying handle and to the under-mount rail on the bottom of the handguard.
Compatible with various muzzle options: By removing the flash hider, muzzle options with a 14mm reverse thread, such as a silencer, can be attached.
Adjustable rear sight: The peep-type rear sight is aimed at the center hole, and the size of the hole can be changed with a single touch. The included wrench allows for fine vertical and horizontal adjustment.
Realistic see-through magazine: The magazine holds 50 rounds and reproduces the internal 5.56mm x 45 rounds.
Multiple magazines can be connected using the joint on the side.
BB bullet diameter: 6mm
Bullet velocity: less than 0.98J

Safety Warning

Bullet velocity kinetic energy 0.98J or less. BB bullet diameter and caliber 6mm.

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