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Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Handgun HK45 GBB

Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Handgun HK45 GBB

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The HK45, released as a civilian model in 2007, is a polymer-framed handgun developed to be the "ideal .45 caliber elite pistol" sought by U.S. Special Forces personnel. For the modeling of the HK45 in the gas blowback series, we pursued the realism of the HK45 based on data taken from the real thing. The unique grip shape called "Spider-Man grip," the interchangeable grip back strap, and the decockable safety are all features that enhance the reproduction of the modern styling of the HK45. In addition, the model's blowback engine features a large cylinder with a diameter of 15 mm, allowing the user to enjoy the agile and heavy recoil of this model.
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