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Tokyo Marui M45A1 CQB Pistol Gas Blowback

Tokyo Marui M45A1 CQB Pistol Gas Blowback

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Product introduction
Railed government adopted by the US Marine Corps system.

Each part, including the slide and frame, uses a tan color that is designed for combat in desert areas such as the Middle East. Reproduces the same color scheme as the real thing.
The parting lines are carefully polished by hand to create a beautiful curved finish.
You can experience the high practicality of the Novak sight, which is said to be the treasure of tactical sights.
The characteristic laminated grip is reproduced by special printing.
The under rail integrated with the frame allows you to attach a flashlight compatible with Picatinny standards.
By improving the blowback engine, we have achieved stronger recoil shock with the same gas consumption as the conventional government model. The adoption of a new short recoil system improves operational stability.
The metal parts inside the slide absorb the stress when the slide is opened, preventing the slide stop and notch from being scraped or damaged.
Tokyo Marui single government series magazines can also be used.

*This airsoft gun is a competition gun for ages 18 and older. Please read [Handling Precautions/Instructions] carefully before use.
Be sure to wear shooting goggles. Be sure to follow the established rules and etiquette.
*Please use genuine Tokyo Marui BB bullets and "Gunpower HFC134a gas" for operating fluorocarbon gas.

*This product does not contain fluorocarbon gas.
*This product does not use gunpowder.
*This product does not contain gunpowder.
*This product does not include batteries.
*This product does not use fuel.
*This product does not include fuel.
This product does not include RifleScope.
Even if this product includes cleaning rods, it does not contain any chemicals.

BB bullet diameter/caliber: 6mm, bullet kinetic energy: 0.98J or less. A product that complies with the Japan Game Gun Cooperative Association's safety bullet speed.

safety warning
Target age 18 years and over
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