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Tokyo Marui No.15 HK45 Electric Handgun

Tokyo Marui No.15 HK45 Electric Handgun

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Product introduction
A modern auto handgun built based on the lessons learned from the Mk23.

The handgun "HK45", which aims to be the ideal for members of the U.S. Army Special Forces Delta Force, is now available as an electric handgun type!
By operating the safety lever at the rear of the frame, you can switch between full and semi-auto with one touch.
The frame is equipped with a Picatinny standard under rail. Various flashlights compatible with 20mm wide rails can be attached.
In addition, by installing a muzzle adapter (sold separately), it is possible to install a silencer, dot sight, etc.
A compact cartridge type battery is neatly stored under the barrel. No connector connection is required, and battery replacement is easy.
Die-cast magazine: A thin type magazine that holds 30 rounds and is convenient to carry.

Battery and charger: sold separately.
*Please use genuine Tokyo Marui BB bullets and a 7.2V Ni-MH Micro 500 battery (please use a dedicated charger for charging).

*This airsoft gun is a competition gun for ages 18 and over. Please read [Handling Precautions/Instructions] carefully before use.
Be sure to wear shooting goggles. Be sure to follow the established rules and etiquette.

[Set contents] HK45 body, magazine (30 rounds), protective cap, handling precautions/instructions, cleaning rod, etc.

*This product does not contain fluorocarbon gas.
*This product does not use gunpowder.
*This product does not contain gunpowder.
*This product does not include batteries.
*This product does not use fuel.
*This product does not include fuel.
This product does not include RifleScope.
Even if this product includes cleaning rods, it does not contain any chemicals.

BB bullet diameter/caliber: 6mm, bullet kinetic energy: 0.98J or less. A product that complies with the Japan Game Gun Cooperative Association's safety bullet speed.

safety warning
This soft air gun is intended for use by persons aged 18 and over. Please wear goggles and read the instructions carefully before use. Products that have cleared the revised Firearms and Swords Act (products that have passed safety standards)
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