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Tokyo Marui No8 CQB-R (Black) Next Generation Electric Gun

Tokyo Marui No8 CQB-R (Black) Next Generation Electric Gun

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The flexible, evolving M4 Shorty for a new era!
The development of a carbine model that is easier to maneuver than an assault rifle was driven by the demands of the U.S. Navy SEALs, who were increasingly assigned to guarding VIPs and conducting operations in confined spaces. The result was a carbine model that is more maneuverable than assault rifles. The result is the CQB-R, a short model of the M4A1 that can be converted to a short model by replacing the entire barrel and upper receiver.
The barrel length has been cut down to 10.3 inches for CQB (close quarter combat), and the rear sight is designed to be installed with a dot sight, making this model a perfect reproduction of a next-generation electric gun. The ease of handling of the real thing also improves the practicality of the airsoft gun.
Battery and charger sold separately.

*CFC gas is not included in this product.
* This product does not contain explosives.
* This product does not contain gunpowder.
*This product does not contain batteries.
*This product does not use fuel.
*This product does not include fuel.
This product does not include RifleScope.
This product does not include chemicals, even if cleaning rods are included.

BB Bullet Diameter/Caliber: 6mm, Bullet Kinetic Energy: 0.98J or less. Japan Amusement Gun Cooperative Safety Bullet Velocity Compliant Product.

Safety Warning

BB bullet diameter/caliber: 6mm Bullet kinetic energy: 0.98J or less. Ages: 18 years old and up. Not available for purchase by persons under 18 years old.

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