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Tokyo Marui No8 Tactical Master Gas Blowback

Tokyo Marui No8 Tactical Master Gas Blowback

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The Tactical Master is a model based on the M92F, a famous gun manufactured by Beretta of Italy, and customized based on a more realistic simulation. Each member of the development team pursued this model as a user of the product, and the particularities that can be felt only by using it are hidden in this model. The Tactical Master is an airsoft gun that has been tested and improved as if it were a real gun, and it is a model that has evolved into a tool of the highest caliber. Brigadier slide: The locking parts have been significantly strengthened and the slide has been made thicker to ensure durability even under heavy use. The barrel is 5mm shorter at the muzzle to allow the shooter to quickly draw the weapon from a holster and ready it for action. The skeleton hammer is equipped to significantly shorten the lock time between trigger pull and firing, and to speed up the slide operation speed. Long-type slide stop lever: This lever facilitates tactical reloading by changing magazines while aiming at the target. Tactical combat sights: The front and rear sights have white dots for quick sighting. Finger-channel grips: Designed from the ground up with the average Japanese hand size in mind, the new grips provide an excellent fit. Powerful blowback: The slide retracts with a powerful force upon firing, realistically reproducing the powerful visual impact of the weapon as well as the powerful recoil of the firing action. Die-cast magazine: 26-round, cold-resistant die-cast magazine is included.

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