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Tokyo Marui Standard Electric Gun Colt M4A1 Squirrel Version (COLT M4A1 R.I.S.)★TOKYO MARUI

Tokyo Marui Standard Electric Gun Colt M4A1 Squirrel Version (COLT M4A1 R.I.S.)★TOKYO MARUI

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Product Name:Tokyo Marui Colt M4A1 Squirrel Version
■ Specifications
● Equipped with metal R.I.S.: Rigid die-cast aluminum R.I.S. with 20mm wide mounting rails on four sides. Rigid die-cast aluminum R.I.S. with mounting rails on four sides, vertical foregrip and rail cover included.
● Improved rigidity and reduced weight: The front section is lightened while its rigidity is improved through an integrated barrel made of lightweight and strong aluminum and insert molding that integrates resin and metal plates. The perfect weight balance has been achieved.
● Detachable carrying handle: Reproduction of the upper frame mounting rail. By removing the carrying handle, various optics compatible with the 20mm rail width can be attached.
● Adjustable enhanced stock: Equipped with an enhanced stock that can be adjusted to six different stock lengths, just like the current U.S. military M4A1. You can choose the length that best suits your body shape and situation.
● Various muzzle options can be attached: By removing the compensator, you can attach a silencer or other 14mm reverse threaded muzzle options.
● Easy hop adjustment: When the charging handle is pulled, the port cover opens in conjunction and the dummy bolt retracts. A dial-type hop dial allows for immediate hop adjustment.
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