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Used MInt Wa Berreta M1934 Carbon Black Hw

Used MInt Wa Berreta M1934 Carbon Black Hw

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The Beretta M1934, one of WA's longtime sellers, is modeled with realistic proportions taken from the actual gun when it was designed as a magna blowback. The metal grip panel and outer barrel, which are originally made of resin, give the Beretta M1934 a comfortable weight in the hand despite its pocket size. The magna system, which promises reliable performance despite the extremely small magazine size for a gas gun, and Beretta's traditional design with the slide top cut out create an exquisite balance, and the reliable blowback action can be enjoyed. This package is designed to satisfy both beginners and core fans. The ride and frame components are made of carbon black heavyweight resin, and are finished with a blast shot and polish process that brings out the texture of the material, giving the gun a unique, polished look and feel that is full of vintage appeal. Of course, the alloy parts are also carefully ground, polished, and blued (dyed black) to reproduce a deep, moist iron skin that cannot be experienced with conventional painting techniques. The medium class automatic is a genre that is rarely modeled as a gas blowback gun. Overall length: approx. 149mm / Barrel length: approx. 69mm / Weight: approx. 590g / Load capacity: 20+1 rounds / High-spec custom specifications - Transfer hammer - Equipped with 6.03mm precision NEW fixed HOPUP barrel - R-type magazine - Carbon black HW resin slide and frame : Blast Shot & Polished (some parts) / Option : Spare magazine (WA-BT8) 4,200 yen + tax *All Western Arms products are for 18 years old and up, and cannot be purchased by those under 18.

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