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WA Super Real Gun] WA Beretta M92FS Die Hard Gun Black ver.

WA Super Real Gun] WA Beretta M92FS Die Hard Gun Black ver.

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Carbon black heavyweight (HW) material is used as the main material for the exterior parts, and a bluing (black dyeing) finish that takes advantage of the material's characteristics has been introduced to reproduce the model with a sense of massiveness that overturns the conventional wisdom of resin models. The "Beretta M92FS Diehard" is a model of the partner of the "man who will not go down so easily" who struggles alone, full of realism as if it came out of the world of movies. WA's M92FS uses HW material not only for the slide and frame, but also for the outer barrel, right and left grip panels, and other major parts, and its massive weight of over 1kg, which surpasses the actual gun (unloaded: approx. 950g), is a major attraction. HW material has the characteristic of exposing a layer of metal powder mixed within the material when the surface is polished. If a metal bluing solution is used in this state, a chemical reaction will produce an oxide film called black rust. Originally, bluing is used as an anti-corrosion treatment for metals, but it has been widely used for surface finishing of real guns since long ago because the treated film is so thin that it has almost no effect on the dimensions of the parts and does not peel off like paint or plating. When applied to HW material, it is possible to achieve a moist black finish with a glossy sheen without sacrificing the unique texture of HW material, and the deep texture, which cannot be experienced with ordinary ABS resin model painting, combined with the solid hardness of the material, will make anyone who holds it doubt their own eyes. The mechanism is a variable, proofed, and variable. The mechanism is a perfect version equipped with a proofed variable hop-up barrel and R-type magazine. The magazine is equipped with the N.L.S (Non-Liquid System), which prevents the leakage of liquefied gas during firing, and allows stress-free shooting without blowing fresh gas even during quick draws or when the gun is tilted. The blowback from the large bore-up cylinder is not only fast, but also delivers a heavy recoil shock that is unique to the heavy-weight model and can be felt with a thump in the hand. Overall length: approx. 217mm / Barrel length: approx. 112m / Weight: approx. 1,039g / Load capacity: 25+1 rounds / Perfect version specification / Precision 6.03mm variable hop-up barrel / R-type magazine with built-in N.L.S. / Carbon black HW resin slide with bluing (black dyed finish) / Carbon Black HW frame, slide & outer barrel blued / [Option] Spare magazine (WA-1P) 4,900 yen + tax *All Western Arms products are for ages 18 and up.

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