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WA Super Real Gun] WA Beretta M92FS Full Auto Centurion

WA Super Real Gun] WA Beretta M92FS Full Auto Centurion

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[The slide assembly is based on the 4.25-inch Centurion, the only toy gun modeled by WA with a 4.25-inch slide. It is built as a short-barrel model for easy indoor handling and draw from a holster. Forward cocking serrations have been added to the front section. The front section has forward cocking serrations for easy operation when loading the first round and to give it a tactical appearance. The dovetailed front sight is equipped with a fiber optic that fluoresces red under a light source. Combined with the white-pointed Novak low-mount rear sight, it provides an excellent sight picture. The robust rear sight with snag-free form combines the practical feature that the sight itself is wedge-shaped to prevent deformation as much as possible, even if impact is applied. Many modern machine pistols and compact submachine guns have ported barrels and muzzle brakes to improve control during full-auto fire. The WA Centurion Full Auto also has a silver-colored outer barrel with STAINTESS markings on the top surface and six exhaust holes, three on each side, pointing diagonally upward. A full-length steel guide rod provides top-heavy balance while assisting the sure extension and retraction of the fast-driving recoil spring.

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