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WA Super Real Gun] WA Colt Defender Combat Elite Silver ver.

WA Super Real Gun] WA Colt Defender Combat Elite Silver ver.

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The premium feel of the matte silver updated body and jet black G10 grips. Modeled after Colt's stylishly revived top-shelf (top-of-the-line) 45 Auto. The slide is based on blank material, and everything from the dovetail for the front and rear low profile sights to the wide cocking serrations that can be easily operated even with gloved hands, the light weight cuts that accentuate the front portion, and the elaborate exclusive markings have all been machine-made and reproduced. The entire process, from the wide cocking serrations that can be easily operated by the glove hand, to the light weight cut accents on the front section, and the elaborate special markings, have all been reproduced by machine. The frame is designed with a 40 LPI (Line Per Inch) checkered front front strap, and a high-grip cutout has been added to the base of the trigger guard, allowing the user to feel the superior operability that comes with the Combat Elite name. The bottom part of the checkering has been omitted to prevent it from accidentally catching on clothing or other objects. The grip is made of G10 wood and is equipped with a special part that realistically reproduces the jet-black grip panel with the Colt logo boldly placed. The scalloped finish assists easy access to the magazine catch button and a delicate non-slip pattern is provided, and the dependable grip unique to G10 promises reliable gripping. The heavyweight slide and frame are finished with a matte silver baked finish reminiscent of stainless steel models, and the G10 grip is responsive and responsive to the hand that holds it. Specifications] Overall length: 183mm / Barrel length: 76mm / Weight: 766g / Load: 19+1 rounds / S.C.W. High Spec Custom ver.3 specification / Transfer hammer ver.3 / New sear & disconnector / Precision 6.03mm fixed hop-up barrel / R-type resin magazine Magazine / Carbon Black HW resin slide and frame with matte silver baked finish [Option] Spare magazine (WA-GM8) 4,800yen+tax Age: 18 years old and up - not available for those under 18 years old.

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