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WA Super Real Gun] WA SV Infinity 6.0 10 Port Custom

WA Super Real Gun] WA SV Infinity 6.0 10 Port Custom

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[In the case of a gas blowback gun, however, the gas tank volume in the magazine is increased. This not only simply increases the amount of gas injected, but also increases the heat capacity of the gas tank, adding the advantage of a structure that is resistant to cold, which is the great enemy of gas guns. In addition, the 1911's slide design does not have a safety lever that penetrates the slide, as is often the case with European autos, so a large cylinder can be built into the slide to fully utilize the space at the rear of the slide. This fusion of these features allows WA's Infinity to be a model that allows the user to enjoy the top-class recoil shock produced by the long stroke cylinder with increased bore while minimizing the pressure drop during continuous firing, and to fully enjoy the true pleasure of a gas blowback gun.

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